This 4 steps will give your startup a JUMP-START!

This 4 steps will give your startup a JUMP-START!


  1. The most important thing before starting a business(or in a fancy world “A Startup”) you should go for a survey.
  2. Let’s see you got an idea of photo sharing platform and without any survey you made the platform. When it comes to marketing people will ask the questions, evaluate you & your products and also compare with others.
  3. Thus, remember survey are the first way to get concept proof of your idea.


  1. Competitor Analysis: if you have an idea of making platform that can beat the Instagram. First, try to build the Instagram.
  2. Is market ready for your product or you have educated them on your product?
  3. When Facebook comes there was already similar platform on the market so people accepted FB on the very high rate.
  4. Do Market research for your production and more.

Quick Implementation:

  1. There is a difference between waiting and having patience. Wise main said do Micro Speed and Macro Patience.
  2. Do your day to day work fast and have patience for your dream to fulfill.

Start Earning on Early Stages:

  1. While Starting a startup we’re very much depended on investors money. For that, a lit advice doesn’t expect the investment on early stage. Early stage investment is a myth.
    Make your business model that good, it’ll give you revenue from a first day you start your business.


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