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Quora Answers to Startup Questions – Attention Newbies

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Welcome to the academy of startup learning. Here we convert an ordinary person to super entrepreneur. Just kidding I’m not that much experience but I can tell you some similar problems and their answers (From Quora) that i and you have faced while starting a startup. On this blog, i’ll share some of my quora answers. So let’s Roll The Blog: Quora Answer:  Start reading and start exploring yourself. Work under any startup Choose mentors wisely Read …

5 Movies that every startup founder should watch

5 Movies that every startup founder should watch

Startup Founders – A fancy word for early stage businessmen. When I was in my college rather than inspire from different people I lot inspired from the movies. Movies like ‘WallStreet’, ‘Wolf of Wall street’ and my personal favorite ‘The Social Network’. These are all time favorite startup movies I guess. But in this, I’m gonna share some old fashioned Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Movies that inspire people, give them a vision, motivate them and after watching it …