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Welcome to the academy of startup learning. Here we convert an ordinary person to super entrepreneur. Just kidding I’m not that much experience but I can tell you some similar problems and their answers (From Quora) that i and you have faced while starting a startup.

On this blog, i’ll share some of my quora answers. So let’s Roll The Blog:

Quora Answers

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Start reading and start exploring yourself.

  1. Work under any startup
  2. Choose mentors wisely
  3. Read a lot
  4. Make eye on current affairs and technologies

These are my mantra when I started:

  • Listen
  • observer
  • Learn
  • Earn

Quora Answers
Quora Answers
  1. First Evaluate Your Idea
  2. Evaluate yourself can you handle it alone or need partner
  3. Participate in Business Model Competition
  4. Attend Startup event
  5. Launch the Beta or First Draft or Prototype into market
  6. Survey: Do Users find it useful!
  7. Change it if any comes after that survey
  8. From the initial stage make your digital footprint(Social Media, Digital Marketing & Offline to online impacts) good
  9. Never go for Funding. Initial Level funding is a myth
  10. Make your Business Model concept proof and more important revenue model (There is different in business model and revenue model)
  11. Expand Fast
  12. Macro Patience and Micro Speed

Quora Answers
Quora Answers

Kapda(Cloth) – Roti(Food) – Makkan(House)

I’ve seen and experienced this business can never goes down if you work hard not smart.

other than that if you want smart:

  1. IT Services
  2. Automation
  3. Utility apps like Prizma
  4. Small Game Apps like “Circle” and “Dots”

Hire Elon Musk. Best Of Luck.

Quora Answers
Quora Answers

Survey – Research – Quick Implementation – Start Earning on Early Stage

  1. Survey:
    1. The most important thing before starting a business(or in a fancy world “A Startup”) you should go for a survey.
    2. Let’s see you got an idea of photo sharing platform and without any survey you made the platform. When it comes to marketing people will ask the questions, evaluate you & your products and also compare with others.
    3. Thus, remember survey are the first way to get concept proof of your idea.
  2. Research:
    1. Competitor Analysis: if you have an idea of making platform that can beat the Instagram. First, try to build the Instagram.
    2. Is market ready for your product or you have educated them on your product?
    3. When Facebook comes there was already similar platform on the market so people accepted FB on the very high rate.
    4. Do Market research for your production and more.
  3. Quick Implementation:
    1. There is a difference between waiting and having patience. Wise main said do Micro Speed and Macro Patience.
    2. Do your day to day work fast and have patience for your dream to fulfill.
  4. Start Earning on Early Stages:
    1. While Starting a startup we’re very much depended on investors money. For that, a lit advice doesn’t expect the investment on early stage. Early stage investment is a myth.
      Make your business model that good, it’ll give you revenue from a first day you start your business.

Quora Answers
Quora Answers

Quora Answers
Quora Answers

One thing that I did and got success was social media marketing.

Not just social media but concept based marketing. If your app is solving any society problem than elaborate in social media.

Connect as many people as possible through it.

The second thing is team building. Start working on it you haven’t. After launching your app you’ll have hell lot of work. you have to distribute it among your members.

Last and most important market survey before launching the app. It’ll help you to grow fast and bigger.

That’s all from my side I hope you’ll love my app ‘Punchit – A Social Comparison App

Quora Answers
Quora Answers

Entrepreneurship is a first stage towards the business person. Mark Zuckerberg is a businessman, but he was an entrepreneur first.

As per my experience when i started my startup/business/venture, i worked as a peon, developer, designer & more like that. But now i focused on one thing handling business and public relation.

Because I’ve a team and that i started building when i was in my entrepreneur life. I learned a lot at my initial journey. Even i’m learning now, but now i’m also giving advice to the new entrepreneurs. For me that is the biggest change/difference between entrepreneur and businessman.

You can do this kind of comparison on my social comparison platform ‘Punchit.io’. It’s one of my product when i have started my journey as a solo entrepreneur.

Quora Answers
Quora Answers

Today in india entrepreneurship is like 90’s ‘.com’ bubble. But somehow is doing good.

My experience as a student entrepreneurship: “When i was in my 1st year i worked as a marketing person for a startup. From that experience, i got to learn so many things like what is startup, business model, how to generate revenue and market your product.

After sometime I participated in one hackathon where I worked on my idea of comparison. Other 2 people helped me and we develop one application named ‘Punchit.io’ which is a social comparison app.

People loved the idea, appreciated got the business model and make the idea concept proof. So i participated so many business model competition from where my idea/app converts into a startup.”

At that time, like other 20-year teenage, i was highly motivated by steve jobs, bill gates, Richard Branson and more silicon valley startup founder. So from the starting of my journey, i’m clear about what I’ll do in my life (of course startup).

At that time, I’ve not a single clue of startup and all. By the time, by meeting people, by learning things and most important by thinking yourself a zero.

After business model competitions, I talked with some friends they loved the idea and agreed to work with me. (Team Building)

Then we launched beta application of it. (Market research and testing)

Then we officially incorporate our company ‘MonkMad Pvt. Ltd.’

Got the tag of #CEO. Recently, we launched the final version of our application ‘Punchit.io’.


Now let’s jump to your question. At a time when I was participating in different hackathons, business model competition, and networking events. My friends were studying for there curriculum, watching movies, having parties and enjoying their college life.

Now the scenario is they are goofing around me and other different companies with their no experience CV. Some are going for one year gap for ‘GATE’ and more like that competitive exams.

Answer of your question, only 5% of the total public is going for Entrepreneurship and from their only 1.5 or 2 % is becoming a successful businessman.

You can also check my medium post on Difference between Entrepreneur and Business Person | Answer to a Quora Question.

Here comes the end part of the startup summer blog program. We’ll meet on next week with another startup story or some amazing fundas of it.

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