Make your design more smarter with Minimalist design.

Design Innovation – Minimalist

People, A Mankind is becoming smarter. They can understand, they will evaluate you, they have the access to get knowledge and becoming smarter than you.

Design, A way to present your product, yourself, your perspectives and your community. It sells the thing. Soul.

People are becoming smarter as well our designs are also becoming more simpler. One of the examples is Minimalist design Concepts.

Design innovation - minimalism
Use your imagination – Bitch

What is Minimalist?

Design that make you think. Design that has 70% blank area. Design that speaks with objects.

This what our life nowadays. We use short forms in our daily life. Same like we use minimalist design. Many brands like ours are using that kind of design to get a rich audience. - Minimalism – Minimalism

It has only 5 design elements and 2 wording elements. You can say that its semi-minimalist design.

Without saying or describing anything on graphic we conveyed our concepts of comparison.

Those who didn’t get it ping me 😉

Apple: Not a fruit, a brand. A Brand that famous for its design. Simple, Elegant, Eye-caching & most important “understandable”. As I told you people are becoming more smarter with access to open information. They will compare you, evaluate you.

So at that point brand like apple design the product that cut the existing designs and makes it more simpler. Remember the 1st iPhone launch.

So to all design researchers what is your call for the future design concepts & Methods?

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