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Hello Smart People, How is your summer going? Do tell me your funny summer stories in the comment section. In this blog, we’ll gonna talk about an amazing platform called which provides information in Points. Let’s Roll the Blog. – The Information in Points I’m kind of person who doesn’t like long conversations, Never Ending Discussions and No conclusion debates. Have you felt in the same way? if yes, then welcome to the world of …

Sayaji Startup Summit – Startup Ka Tyohar!

Sayaji Startup Summit

Today, We’ll gonna talk about “SSS – Sayaji Startup Summit” or for all amazing startup it’s “Startup Ka Tyohar”. In this blog, I’m gonna tell you about its core agendas, How to Apply, Benefits and more on it. I’ll try to cover up as many things as possible in this blog. Still, if you have any questions do let me know in the comment section. Let’s Roll the Blog So, first question popups in your mind are why …

5 Movies that every startup founder should watch

5 Movies that every startup founder should watch

Startup Founders – A fancy word for early stage businessmen. When I was in my college rather than inspire from different people I lot inspired from the movies. Movies like ‘WallStreet’, ‘Wolf of Wall street’ and my personal favorite ‘The Social Network’. These are all time favorite startup movies I guess. But in this, I’m gonna share some old fashioned Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Movies that inspire people, give them a vision, motivate them and after watching it …

All thing you should know about – The Beginning Featured Image

Its all begin with the Hackathon, Steve Jobs and a Girl. Quite Complex right! You’ll get it all as the story begins. Because this can be little long i suggest you have some food around you and feel the thrill of it. Don’t start building stories in your evil mind, bare with me. Like SharukhKhan said, “ sirf mera startup Nahi hai, Woh Zindagi hai meri! ( is not only my startup it’s my life!)”.